Our 20% project has been very hard so we chose to switch to a different project. We realized that it would take too long, so we thought about doing a comedy show. We will ask Mr. Novak if we can use the cafeteria as the stage

For our major December goals….

Face palm

This picture describes what i said because i feel like we did something stupid and have no time to turn back.


Football is a sport that almost every American likes most play sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball. My favorite sports are basketball, soccer, and football but the most best for me is football. My friends tell me that I should be a Wide-receiver or Tight-end.

I’m very athletic and flexible when it comes to sports. My career is to be an NBA player but if that doesn’t happen then I’m going to be an NFL player and id that doesn’t happen then ill just play soccer for a living. You get payed no matter what you do or play.

My interests of my football career are that they get payed a lot of money. Also I’m playing because I love it and who wants to work at a job that they don’t like. This is my passion whats yours?

#Fusball is the devil




One of my favorite holidays is Christmas. I like it because you get presents and spend time with family. Also you can see the lights and decorations in everyone’s yard. And we are off of school when Christmas comes.

I like Thanksgiving because you spend time with your family. You eat and drink and the best part is the turkey. You can eat lots of food and enjoy playing when your done.

Halloween because you get candy and scare people. You dress up in costume and go out to other houses saying,”trick-or-treat”. Afterwords you eat all the candy.

Macro Mondays Halloween Harry McGregor via Compfight

One holiday that is celebrated is the Chinese New Year. It was also a time to bring family together for feasting. It gives an opportunity for people that work to have a free day and do whatever.


School is boring with just 40 minutes of recess every week and sometimes not even every week. What i plan to do is to call my principal and ask him to cut less time in school and let us play at least 20 minutes every day.

Its really boring just sitting in chairs getting cramps in our hands because we cant write anymore. We write all day every day and we haven’t been moving at all just straight up boring. But our lunch time is great because we have enough time to eat and talk.

School has defiantly changed over the past 100 years so what has happened is there’s no teachers hitting you with a ruler after you do something bad. There’s no 10 hour school it’s now just 7 hours of school because school took up a lot of time in your day.

They usually didn’t use technology in the “Old Days”, as they say. They had a lot of hands on stuff since they weren’t in reach of the internet much. In the 1900’s wagons were used to take and drop off students. So they made buses to make it more faster for transportation.

Do you see what I see? What I see is a board with a lot of posters and a lot of words. We have a fire breathing dragon named Johnny, he’s our class pet! Its not common for a dragon to be in a cage is it? Well one day will I was in the classroom the dragon escaped the room I grabbed its tail but it was slimy like always. I ran as fast as I could but Johnny was a lot more faster. Then the Ghostbusters came and sucked up the class pet! I took there things and looked for the dragon he was…small? How could this happen and the dragon escaped and ran again back into the classroom. Nocked down all of the posters and was covered in sticky notes he then stopped and was in the middle of a sticky note tornado and I tried to grab him. I got him and I pulled him back in his cage and then it was the next morning that I woke up. I go to school and get to my class and then everyone stairs at me I get scared I pause and wait… GOOO DAROLD!!! They were cheering at me my teacher then moves me ups grade it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened. Thats why Johnny is in a cage.

What we eat at school is very yummy and delicious. I have nachos with meat and queso cheese. Its very good but i haven’t tried tacos yet. Others have lots of food on there trays. They have celery, nachos, chips, milk, and ranch.

BANANCreative Commons License Thomas Rousing via Compfight

PlateCreative Commons License Kyle Brammer via Compfight


Free Choice

NBA player LeBron James flops so much he has even became his own meme.

lebron flop

(open link in new tab)

Everyone thinks he’s the greatest. He might not be the worst but he is defiantly not the best. So back to the topic I think he is the best at flopping.

So do you think he is the best at flopping?  Well technically no because we have shaqtin’ a ‘ fool and the MVP of that show is JaVale Mcgee. So let me tell you some of the good things about LeBron.

He is a 3 time championship winner, a finals MVP 3 times and has played 15 seasons of basketball. I’m not going to tell the rest cause its a long list of awards so this is why i think LeBron is the best flopper in the NBA.


The Project

We are doing a basketball camp that starts in three months. Our camp is for children who do not know how to play basketball. We are going to get an adviser to help us email the school district to help us make the money from the basketball camp. We are happy and relieved that our adviser agreed to help us, but we are nervous he won’t be able to help us with the email. We are feeling nervous because we don’t know how our project is going to turn out. It is very over whelming because we have to do a four minute speech at the end of the year, too.

We don’t even know if we can even do this before school ends. Our November goals are to contact our adviser and ask them to help us draft an email. Then, if they say yes, we can use their basketball court. If they say no, then we have to find a different school.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

Giving Credit

Activity 1: After doing research what I learned was that if you copyright something, you can get sued or go to jail. If you do use it, make sure that at the bottom it doesn’t say C in a circle or square. Also if you use music, make sure you give credit to whomever’s music it is. So, if you do then be very sure to give credit to wherever you got the music, pictures, or videos.


Activity 2:

Image result for snow tree

This is my tree.

It was starting to grow leaves.

Then it got snowed on, and it was frowzonn!!!!!

My tree was pretty big.

And it threw a lot of twigs.

I love my tree so i gave it my love.

Then it turned into a dove.

Now its flying above.

Bye love.

My avatar

I chose a Lego character because I where light clothes because it makes me feel happy. He has coffee because I wake up in the morning and drink coffee sometimes when i’m half awake. He ha a cloak because I like to watch Star Wars. He has a smile because I like to laugh. Also he has swirled eyes because I like to make funny faces. This is I made him like this.

My Avatar

My Passion


My passion is basketball I like it and I want to become a legend. Someday I’m gonna get there, but there’s problem’s. I might play football instead but wait and see. Basketball you get to have fun but not to much because you can foul out and wait till the end of the game.

There’s lots of plays that you have to memorize. I love how basketball was made, who even created it? All I know is about how its played and the players who play the game. But I also like it because its interesting. Who would of thought to get a ball and a hole and try and make it?

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